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Lease your photocopier with Richard Coglan Ltd

At Richard Coglan Ltd we have the latest range of photocopiers from the leading manufactures including Olivetti, Canon & Ricoh long with various flexible finance plans to help purchase your photocopier including leasing and rentals to suit your requirements.

Why lease your photocopier?

There are many reason why you should lease your photocopierĀ 

1 - Saves Working Capital - If you buy your photocopier outright the capital invested in the photocopier becomes tied up in a depreciating asset. Which means it cannot be used for other projects. Leasing your photocopier allows to save your resources for other projects.

2 - Easier Budgeting - Your photocopier lease payments are not affected by changes in interests rates.

3 - Upgrade Options - Leasing your photocopier allows you to keep up to date with the latest range of technology with flexible upgrade options.

4 - Tax Efficient - If you pay corporation tax, leasing your photocopier can be particularly attractive. Leasing payments may be deducted from taxable profits, which reduces the net cost of leasing you photocopier.

5 - 100% Financing - A deposit need not be paid to the lease arrangement. You simply make regular payments throughout the agreement.

Already have a photocopier on lease?

In most instances the photocopiers we upgrade for new customers are already leased, so all we need to know is the settlement figure and we will do the rest. By upgrading your current photocopier on average we could show you a saving of up to 30%.



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